Good Morning Mr. Sun!

You might live in Scotland if you get to tell your kids over and over that the sun here is confused. Rising close to 4am and setting after 10pm in summer is confusing for little boys and girls eager to play. I gave science lessons and tried all sorts of explanations our first summer here but the best tactic to combat little ones waking WAY too early in our house (flat) is the Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer. I program the clock for the “sun to come up” in the morning at a reasonable time and press a button at night to “put the sun to bed”. The boys are not allowed out of bed until the sleeping blue star turns into a cheerful sun. It comes with a cute little storybook, is very easy to use and doubles as a gently glowing (adjustable) night-light. I highly recommend it to all the other families out there trying to keep their littles in bed as long as possible.  Then they can happily enjoy the sunny days well rested…with a well rested mommy!

Gro-Clock Sleep Trainer


Disclaimer: I am not an affiliate for the clock, just a happy customer!